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Paul Sunderland is an artist living in Nottingham, England.  He has been painting since an early age and particularly loves to work with oils, though will turn has hand to differing media.  As a child living in close proximity to the Peak District National Park, he spent much time within its boundaries, enjoying the ruggedness of the landscape along with  the beauty of its wild  expanse.  Upon leaving school aged 18, he served a mission for his church, spending two years in Scotland where he indulged in some of the beauty this amazing country has to offer.  On returning to his home town, Paul was accepted by a local art college, but decided to pursue a career in mental health, enabling him to provide a stable lifestyle where he could raise a family. Paul did however complete some works of art on a commission basis as occasion would permit during this 32 years in the service

Now retired from the that profession, Paul enjoys the freedom to pursue his great love of art and advance as a professional artist, though plagued with a serious genetic heart problem that occasionally reduces his ability to be prolific

Paul finds his art a way of interpreting the world around him, but for him it is more than this; It is also a need.  His statement reads "When touched by an event, place or feeling, the sharing visually in a way that promotes others to explore and contemplate their own interpretation, gives my work meaning and purpose. Creating a mutual respect between artist and viewer is my goal, enticing and encouraging the viewer to be part of the process of personalising the art, to not only understand but also to become.

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