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   Just Saying - My opinion on visited art Exhibitions

In March of this year I had the opportunity to go to Prague and stayed in the Palace Hotel.  Opposite this is the Alphonse Mucha Museum.  As I am a big fan of his work, I had to visit. Although the museum is a little small I was not disappointed and recommend it to all interested in his work.  More of his work is currently on display in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool so you don't have to travel all the way to Prague.  My verdict😄

In May I travelled to Belgium and saw the Bruges Madonna with child by Michelangelo and also the Ghent Altar Piece or the 'Adoration of the Mystical Lamb' to give it its proper title. I had seen the Bruges Madonna before but as for the Ghent Altar piece... Wow!  the colours are so vivid and striking.  Being not generally an enthusiast of renaissance work, I was nevertheless blown away by this work of Van Eyck. Do not miss this if you go anywhere near Ghent.My Verdict: 😄

Carrying on into The Netherlands, we having previously visited the Van Gogh Museum a couple of years ago, visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There I saw some pretty impressive works by Rembrandt including the Night Watch and also work by Franz Hals, but the piece that really impressed was The Milk Maid by Vermeer.  The colour balance and composition are genius.  Made me a big fan of his.  My verdict😃

In July however, I visited the Summer exhibition in the Royal Academy and ...oh dear, has art really come to this?

They call it an open exhibition although much of the work is by Royal Academicians themselves.  Much seems devoid of inspiration, direction or even any technical skill.

I accept that a lot of contemporary work does focus on the effects of colour and the alleged feelings they produce, but why is this so often at the expense of form?  Such can be used to enhance the experience.  'Art' now seems to be produced to shock, with the belief that any response is good, even it makes you want to vomit, despair for the future of art or mourn its passing. My Verdict : 😩

I did also visit the National Gallery and the Tate though so all was not lost. My Verdict😎

22.09.17  Visited 'Kaleidoscope'  An exhibition ending on 24th Sept 17 at the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham today. It focussed on Art in the 1960's.  I went along with the hope of seeing some inventive and inspiring work but sadly was underwhelmed.  Much of the work was meaningless, and with out any narrative which much contemporary work relies on for justification.  My Verdict: 😕

Also visited 'Are we there yet?' in 'Lake side Gallery'.  Although often critical of 'Modern Art', I felt this had more inspiration and design, plus the colour plan was uplifting. I therefore didn't feel quite so disappointed  My Verdict:  🤔

25.09.17  Visited Alphonse Mucha 'In Quest of Beauty' Exhibition in the Walker Gallery, Liverpool.  A good exhibition and Good Gallery. Many pieces of work, mostly Lithographs but also other including an oil painting. the Walker Gallery is free but the Mucha exhibition was £7.00 . I felt that this was worth the fee as I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Small gift shop at the exit of the exhibition.  My Verdict: 😀

23.09.17  While in Liverpool also visited Tate Liverpool and in particular the Roy Lichtenstein, Artists Rooms exhibition. I was a little disappointed as didn't really have any well known works. but still worth a visit. My Verdict: 🙂

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