I find that most good art programmes on TV  tend to be on  BBC4 but keep an eye because  other channels  occasionally surprise me.

I do try to keep all this information accurate but due to human error as well as change of programming etc I cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies.   Please also note that I haven't included repeats which are usually later the same evening and often include sign language

      Art on TV 

Monday 22nd June 2020

BBC4 19:30  The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

BBC4 19:30 The joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Wednesday 24th June 2020

BBC4 19:30 The joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Thursday 25th June 2020

BBC4 19:00 The joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Friday 26th  - Sunday 28th June 2020

nothing of note

If There is nothing on Live TV and you don't want to be starved of Art 'on the box', There is plenty to see on Amazon Prime,  in the form of both Art films and Documentaries.  Also Try BBC IPlayer for the programmes you may have missed.   In addition, whilst in quarantine, Many major galleries are offering free online exhibitions.   

Good Luck  👍