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Art Mysterys 

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1. Vincent Van Gogh

 Did he really shoot himself?

One of the basic facts that everyone knows about Van Gogh is that he shot himself.. right?

Well perhaps not...  This established 'fact' has been under some scrutiny recently and evidence is starting to weigh against Vincent shooting himself.  

In the film Loving Vincent, the story line follows the son of post master as he traces Vincents final days and focusses on his death.  One must remember that this is a film and contains a fictional storyline, but it does raise some interesting issues. suggesting others who could have been responsible

At Eternity's Gate (2019) builds on this and perhaps takes it a little further.

Vincent did have severe mental health problems, and some people with such are often open to fluctuating extreme moods and actions.  Having been a Community Psychiatric Nurse, I have seen this first-hand.  We can suppose this plus the statement that Vincent told not to blame others for his death, is why suicide has been his accepted cause of death for so long.  

Bear in mind the facts though.

In June 2013,    VINCENT J.M. DI MAIO, M.D. CONSULTANT IN FORENSIC PATHOLOGY reviewed the death of Vincent taking all available evidence into account.  He came to the conclusion that based on the medical description of the wound, in all medical probability, Van Gogh did not shoot himself.'

The forensic report is very interesting and is based on angle and depth of wound.  No powder being evident despite black powder being the gunpowder prevalent at the time and many other facts..

If you are interested, it is a must read. Click here

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